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Coding Languages

  • HTML,CSS,Javascript

  • jQuery,AngularJS

  • Materialize CSS,Bootstrap

  • KnockoutJS,Lumx,Physicsjs,Paperjs and more

HTML Code Play is a android application for give more knowledge about basic learner and experts.Examples are very simple so easy to learn without other help.This app give knowledge about all javascript and css frameworks.If you install this application you should learn the basics of website design and some logic idea in javascript also you will learn complete html tags.


  • Learn Off-line

  • Public post

  • Games

  • Save and more features.
Top Features in Pro (Comining Soon)
  • More Coding examples where added
  • Description where added for coding language
  • Game Level where added
  • You can select color from color panel
  • Transfer example program from computer to HTML Code Play through barcode
  • Attribute selection
  • You can able to delete saved files from list
  • Ad free
Behind the App

By this time i must say thanks to my dear most friends Vinesh,Ganesh Kumar,Rajesh.Thay where helped me that how to create the app and what are the language where supports for creating app.Then thay where teach me how to convert the application to supports each mobile device.So i say by the bottom of my heart i say thank you friends.

Ganesh Kumar
What they say
Aina Gabriel

App worthy This app really contains all its description in the store and this shows a good app

Riyaj Shaikh

Very nice app for beginners. This app simply awesome and has lot of examples.I have never seen in any other apps.