Amazing Features
Word to HTML

Code one-self and see the output instantly in your device.

PC code

Easy to edit your coding done in HTML CSS Javascript ..etc


This app is easylearning, without using internet can view the output.


Document saving option for future reference.


In this app it supports more than 10+ scripting languages for your references.

More Language

All tags where complete automaticaly.

Auto completion

All the coding language Syntax's highlighted for easy to understand.

Select tag

On selecting tags via button click both open and close tag automaticaly available.

HTML Code Play Pro

HTML Code Play pro is a android application for give more knowledge about basic learner and experts.More Coding language where added in this pro version.This app has more mordern features like barecode scanner its very useful for you.You can easly edit in pc and just load the coding by scaning the barcod genarator.Examples are very simple so easy to learn without others help.You can easly feach any website page through this app easly you can edit and view output.

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