HTML Code Play Pro Privacy and policy

     This is the paid version, we have rights to stop the server data, if you using without pay. This application required 6 types of permissions.

Why required Camera permission?
     In this application we ared used camera permission for just scan your barcode. From camera we will not take snapshot or record video.
   Usage of barcode:
       1) You can generate the barcode from and scan it from your application.
       2) Through this barcode we are transfer the computer typed program code to your mobile application.

Why required flashlight permission?
This permission is attached from camera permission, for scan your barcode in night.

Why require LICENSE permission?
This is the paid application, so we need to identify the current user is have license or not.

Why require Internet permission?
This permisson require for two things, one for communicate with our server and license check.

Why require NETWORK_STATE permission?
Usually this application run in offline, but we should need internet access for the first time for checking license, for that purpose just we need to check the current user have internet access or not.
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